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Aug 26, 2008


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Melissa Gruber

I would agree with the others...you have a wonderful gift to share with others and you are the boss! No one else to tell you what time to get to the office or to take lunch or vacation. The list goes on, but I am sure it is hard being the boss too. I think follow your heart, not your head and do what feels right...even if it is a hard decision.
I hope that helps!



You inspire me with this blog! You have the organizational skills and the creative talent to make it happen. I would miss you terribly if I did not get to be "a fly on the wall" in your brain. Not that your brain has any flies roaming around in it...

As for life occupation, I look at my life work choices not as a linear path, but as a vortex in which I continue to circle around, collecting more insight as I go. It is not always the most fulfilling in adult conversation to sound as if I am a whirling dervish with the choices I have made, but it definitely makes me who I am. And allows for the creative soul in me to flourish.

Advanced degrees add to the collection of insight along the way, but I currently possess two of them that are not being used in the traditional way others use them. Beware the, "If I go to school for this, then I will love doing that" mentality. It has not worked for me. They have definitely influenced my life in great ways, but is doesn't mean going back to school will make you a 100% satisfied librarian. Though your organizational skills would make you a rocking librarian....

I wish you luck as you look forward--


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