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Aug 11, 2009


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Melissa Gruber

I love to purge, so hopefully my plan can help you out.
I typically go through all of our closets, storage and kitchen stuff 2 times a year. I make a plan and a list to figure out what I am going to do first. I typically start with the easiest or hardest room or area and work my way around the place.
Yesterday I set the timer for 20 minutes and tackled the linen closet, it was my last closet to go thru. I always do one area at a time and really focus on it. And setting the timer helps!
Hope you enjoyed your vacation.

Love your new shirt, that is really cute!


That's absolutely lovely! You are so talented! :)

I was wondering if you'd ever thought about selling digital versions of your stamps? I bet there would be a huge market for them in the digital scrapbooking world. You have an amazing eye for design.

Nancy Travis

Hi Gina...I love alabama chanin too!

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