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Sep 24, 2009


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That's right, we share an anniversary! Hope you had a great day on Monday! Happy 18th, right?
I can't believe how much your handwriting has changed over the years. Way to practice. It give me hope that mine can get "cooler" too!
Happy Thursday!


Love that story! It's so helpful and inspiring to see the evolution of your handwriting . . . and you're only at 1991! Thank you for taking the time to put together those examples for us. One of the things I enjoy about your writing is your spacing . . . not only are the letterforms beautiful and bouncy (so fun) but their placement on the page elevates the words to art . . . even your simpliest examples. These early pieces already demonstrate that gift and skill and even though your style has developed . . . we can still see the 'you' that was there since the beginning. Thanks for encoraging us to practice and persevere!

Melissa Gruber

I have heard the story I think 2 times and it was fun to read and hear again. Thanks for everything you do!


I love the story of you.
There is such joy and thoughtfulness in everything you do.


thanks for sharing how your writing style changed as time went on, gives me some hope!

Kim B.

I love your story of how you found what you were meant to do! That is so cool, and really inspiring. I love seeing the development and your humility in recognizing that while you were pursuing other things, your talents were there percolating and being used, even if not the focal point. You've told and illustrated the story so beautifully. Thanks!

Kim B.

Also, I recognize that recipe card -- what was that paper goods catalog called? Current? My mom always ordered from them. . .


What a fun and interesting post...the evolution of your handwriting. Thanks, Gina!


I loved reading your story. I am itching for more!! :) xx A

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