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Sep 16, 2009


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We're 2 peas in a pod {except your handwriting is way more fun than mine}. I'm with ya 100% on all that stuff.
Happy Wednesday, my friend!

Angela Lemmons

Your work is so inspiring! What weight of paper/cards do you like best when using your Uniball Vision Exact. I found them today at Target and am SO EXCITED!!


thanks for sharing your tips. between you and another blog i read, i've been inspired to write more neatly. wish me luck! if you saw my handwriting you would understand :O)


am loving your website. have often been told to make my handwriting a font, but i don't know if i'm ready to make that jump. i feel that everyone should learn to love their own writing, it's a part of who they are..

happy to make your acquaintance.

Kim B.

I would love to take an online class like that. (I'm far away in France so can't make it to Paper Source these days! Maybe I can open the inaugural Parisian store . . .)

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