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Nov 30, 2009


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Cori Berg

Well... I've been busy with a series of advent paintings for my church... and i feel a lot like you. But this is the first year I am not working for a long time.. and what I have started.. is sort of a dry run for my new year's resolutions...it's like a month where I don't have to feel guilty if I mess up and yet if i succeed.. WOW! I'm already far along come January 1.
Also.. I'm really trying to keep in mind the meaning of Christmas.. Jesus being born and put in a lowly manger.. Christ coming in a humble way.. makes all the craziness of expensive gifts, music programs, etc.. seem a little silly.
And one more thing.. thinking about Christ coming into human form... makes me think about needing to get more in touch with exercising and other things to take care of my body.. not just live in my head...
Thanks so much for your post .. it was wonderful.. now i want to go work on my list.


I love to put together our Christmas cards each year. The last two years, with little ones, they have been less than stellar, but I still enjoy addressing the envelopes and thinking of the friends far and near that I'm sending them too.


I've been struggling with motivation lately. I get so caught in the "what to do" that I am having a hard time getting those to-dos actually marked off the list! I did sit down yesterday and managed to knock out our holiday cards. I think the thing I would most like to work on is volunteering. I keep writing it on my list, but I don't get with it. That's what I hope to do a bit better this season!


I truly love to wrap gifts - I love making them as pretty as I can - lots of curly ribbon and bows and pretty papers


This is incredible- I can't wait to read more about this!

You know what? I have NO IDEA what I "truly, madly, deeply love to do" in regards to the holiday season. Not a single idea. Every year everything gets so chaotic and my people-pleasing issues set in and I can't even focus on what gives me joy about the holidays.

I do love the pretty lights, the beautiful decorations, enjoying the Christmas tree. I love how COLORFUL the world becomes, how lit up and hopeful everything and everyone becomes.

I am going to go and make my list now. Thanks for the idea(s) as always. You have inspired me so very much these past few weeks. I can't thank you enough for that.


i LOVE the little white sparkly lights.
i LOVE making our signature fudge and giving it away as gifts.
i LOVE taking family photos & writing/sending the holiday cards.
but what i truly, madly, deeply love to do is FEEL the moments of our lives as we are living them, that halcyon magical moment when time seems to stop as if your mind is taking a picture you will never forget.


What I love to do for Christmas is make little favors and stuff them with little things like (teabag, tealight candle, chocolate, scripture verse)and give them out to friends but also to the bank teller, waitress, cashier. I ask the Lord to lead me to the women who need extra encouragement. To see the smile on a womans face that you don't know what is taking place in their life light up is so wonderful.

Can't wait to see what you have tomorrow.

Megan C

I love to spend an afternoon with my mom and sister baking christmas cookies.

I love the solitude of spending a couple hours here and there making Christmas cards to send to family and friends. Especially when i get notes thanking me for the handmade cards =)!

Merry Christmas!

Sasha Farina

creatively, it got to be the gift wrapping.. if my handwriting is as nice as yours, i would prolly write all over my wrapping paper, you know, design my own? :)

Have a great sweet, fulfilling day!


I love when I have just the right gift for someone, that's the best! Also, just spending time with my family!


Decorating my home with seasonal flowers and greenery. I live in north Fl so my antique roses are blooming right now (we have two bloom seasons here) and this year I'm planing on decorating my Christmas tree with fresh roses. I have to wait until the day before Christmas so they are fresh- in the meantime I'll just have little lights on the tree!


I love baking. and planning cute things for all the get-togethers and festivities. and I've been making little hand-drawn cards every year for a while now and I really love that.


I look forward every year to collecting greenery, herbs, and berries to bundle with twine, creating boughs to place under windows on the front of the house. It gives me a reason to enjoy my garden in winter.

Our family has created hand-made Christmas cards and ornaments, not every year, but many years. This is such a nice way to spend time together.

I enjoy wrapping gifts. My favorite designs involve recycling fabric, as I try to generate as little trash as possible. One year I used remnants from the fabric stash for furoshiki. A quilter on my gift list enjoyed the wrap as much as the gift. Another year, I deconstructed thrift store clothes for an assortment of haberdashery goodness. My favorite was a package for hubby that incorporated an existing pocket for a special card (as Gina-pretty as I could make) and a braided leather belt (his belt, which I rescued from the trash).

We have a large picture window that I've turned into faux stained glass a couple of times. I use black poster board for the caming, and colorful tissue paper to fill the design. At night, it glows from within the house.

I've placed dried flowers on the tree, but now Margaret has me thinking... maybe I could use those single stem water tubes so I can have fresh flowers. Thank you Margaret!

I love Madelia's practice of spreading good cheer. Such great traditions from everyone.


Wow - this is an incredible idea. I've enjoyed reading the other comments. I so want to do Madelia's idea!

I truly enjoy giving gifts. I really do - I like picking out the perfect gift, well thought out, and wrapping it so it's cute and 'perfect'. I love sending cards and cheer. I'm committing to focusing on what's important this year, and not getting wrapped up in the stress of it all. Thanks for the reminder!


I love this quote by Mother Teresa. She is one of my dearest friend's patron saint.

At Christmas time, I have to use my creativity in various ways.

1. Continually find creative ways to get my kids' focus off of the presents and onto celebrating the nativity of Christ.
2. Lots of Christmas baking and goody making - I love to decorate cupcakes and cookies so they are "just right" for giving to those who might need the lovely gesture, and sharing with my kids and husband.
3. While I do not like presents to be the focus of Christmas, I still want my Christmas gifts to be as God's gift was to me, to be lovely, loving, and to bring smiles to the faces of their recipients. So I go all out, not only choosing the perfect gifts for each person (hopefully), but also wrapping each gift in the same way.

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