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Jan 05, 2010


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Love this idea!

My slip: clean out the truck. (dust the dash, wash the windows, toss the coffee cups, collect the toys!)


Great idea!

My addition: Clean the oven.


Organize cardstock and paper by color and/or pattern; purge and donate the 'never gonna use'.


Love it!

Idea: Plan a week's worth of dinner menus. (Always nice to know what will be cooked ahead of time instead of scrambling to come up with the ideas when everyone is wishing the food was already on the table)

Leora Henkin

How about...take all the recycling out of the car (empty cans and bottles)?


1. Bible Study...somehow this gets put off. I know, I'm ashamed.
2. Do something unexpected for someone else...family member, friend, neighbor...
3. move furniture and sweep underneath (I HATE doing this!)
4. Clean under sink...YUK

catherine s.

1. Catnap

2. Meditate

3. Say a prayer for a loved one.

4. Listen to your favorite song.

5. Check the fridge for expiration dates.


How about a Random Act of Kindness for a stranger?

Melissa Gruber

what a great idea gina...i love it.
right of of my list of goals for 2010 is meal planing, send a note once a month, scrapbook once a week!

there are just a few.
happy 2010!


Clean the microwave.


I stayed away from fun things 'cause somehow I always seem to have 15 minutes to do THEM! Here are my not so fun suggestions:
1. Purge old coupons
2. Balance my checkbook
3. Match all those unmatched socks
4. Clean the bathtub
5. Make this week's shopping list

Jennie E

Write in a journal.

Good luck with your project,

Michelle J

One of my good friends often works/plays/cleans in 15 minute spurts when she brings extra work home. My top 3:
1. Sort old clothes: Am I really going to wear this? Can it be made into a quilt?
2. Cut, sew, or press a quilt square.
3. Clean out a little of my 'everything book". That would be the overflowing book of information on each childs' activities that still has last summers camp information in it... who knows, once I got started I might not stop at 15 minutes! But I'd keep that slip as a reminder once I was finished!


Michelle J

I had to share that I made a similar jar 2 years ago - though I decorated the outside with scrapping supplies so no one could see the writing inside.

After receiving/giving many games that Christmas, we started to hear the girls ask about the games we used to play, along with a little arguing about whose new game we were going to play.

We listed every game we could find in the house - even my husbands most hated game (Monopoly). Now the only arguing is about who gets to pick a strip out of the jar!


You guys are so clever! I am going to work on a jar tonight...thanks so much for the brilliant idea Gina.


How about knit for 15 minutes? I'm always looking for time to knit.

P.S. I asked for two of your stamps for Christmas (one for my own return address and one for the family). My mother gave them to me on Christmas and I am so inspired to write notes and mail my bills so I can use your return address stamps...love them!


Write a thank you note. (I'm daunted by the large numbers of them I'd like to write, but really, one at a time, one at a time.)

tami lyn

Find five things you have been meaning to get rid of and do it!


Great idea! How about:

1) donate unused/old clothing, etc
2) read
3) call a friend you haven't spoken to recently
4) water the lawn/plants
5) wash the car

Happy 2010!

Jan Hager


Zaineb Sharafali

clean out your desk/home office space.

take inventory of your pantry and refridgerator and write a grocery list.

donate time or money to a local and/or favorite charity.

buy kleenex! (you can never have too much in the winter) :-)

compile your work out playlist.

Zaineb Sharafali

oops! i just realized that you asked for one idea for the contest and i presented 5. please consider my suggestion of compiling your workout playlist for a 15 minute project.


I can't stop - 2 more:

1) Clean the litter box

2) Sort the kids' current completed art projects

T. Wolfe

call a parent/grandparent & reconnect


Clean a bathroom. It rarely takes more than 15 minutes, but feels like such an accomplishment when it's done!

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