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Jan 06, 2010


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I LOVE all of your handwriting styles and I am green with envy! I work with little kids and we have been having many discussions about the proper way to hold a writing utensil. Most of the children are doing a 4 finger hold and I even have one kid that said "I use 6 fingers!" (his grip is so bad, he pretty much does use 6 fingers). I was scolded as a child for having a horrible grip (my thumb bends backward) and I was forced to use one of those 3 sided pencil grips to retrain my hand. Many of the gals I went to high school with had cute girly handwriting and very odd grips and I had/have horrible "scratchy" writing and a "proper grip". I'm convinced that half of handwriting is practice and the other half is grip. I know you practice a lot, so, how do you hold your pen? Any way we could see a picture of your grip?

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