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Jun 07, 2010


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I am frequently overwhelmed by all the good things there are to do in my life. A stake president once told me that the Lord gives us too many good things to do on purpose so that we may learn how to prioritize and choose. I would rather it be more black and white, but this has helped me get down to what is really important and meaningful, and I try to make decisions based on that. Our time is so short, and there is so much to do! I'm loving your manifesto pieces. They are making me think a little bit about my own. :D

sharon stanley at farm and fru fru

gina...i love what you wrote today. an artist friend and i had this conversation recently, feeling guilty, not doing enough. your points are valid and well said...i like too what melissa above said about choosing and prioritizing, i never thought about it that way. i love these posts and they are truly making me think...well written too...uh oh, another gift! thanks for today's lesson.

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