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Jun 11, 2010


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sharon stanley at farm and fru fru

i am certainly going to miss these posts...so much to think about! i did think about what you said today and realize that for me, i love the excitement of finding just the "right" project and starting it....i think i mentioned that before, and that's always fun to be excited about the planning the beginning something. but often, after i start, i tend to lose interest and not finish and that is not so good. so i have started a little test. when i see a project and think,"oh, i would love to make that, and i would tweak it just a little here, or change it a little there" i STOP and ask myself if i REALLY want to make and USE what i make, or if i just like the IDEA of making the project, if i just like the way it looks, but really have no use for it. rather like puppies. everytime i see a gaggle of cute little puppies, i think how fun it would be to have one, or how precious the look...but do i really NEED or WANT another puppy? most of the time, no. i just like looking at the puppies. so i am trying to approach projects in a similar manner. is it worth the work? will i use it? will it give someone else pleasure? or do i just want to play around with it then put it back in the litter box with it's mates? believe it or not, that has been helpful!! some puppies, i just leave for someone else and enjoy the view. others i adopt if i really really want to put my best effort into them. it's been a help to me. thanks for such a fun andhelpful group of posts! can't wait to see what you do next!


What is that they say? "The joy is in the journey." I think that is true when we create. The journey or process or whatever you call it is the joyful part. Obviously the end product gives us a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment, but the joy was in the journey. At least it is for me. I have different thoughts about other processes or journeys that do not fit this description entirely, but since we're talking creativity here, I'll stick with the happy. :D I get stuck because I often feel like I have to finish a task before I can get started on a fun project. The problem with that is that my tasks don't ever end, so getting to a fun project is hard. I have to make time and allow myself that time to create. When I do it is wonderful. I just have to do it more often!

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