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May 18, 2011


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Rachel Greenhouse


Kim Salewski Almeida

like yours!!!! :)


consistent & straight--some days i love it, some days i don't...and i would love to improve the flow of my signature...i feel like i don't make k's & n's and a's and h's well and those are all in my signature (go figure!)


I wish my handwriting was more FULL- it tends to start to smush down either vertically or horizontally (or both!) as I write, and then I also leave this TREMENDOUS and weird spacing between words and lines. I think spacing may be just as important as the writing!


My word is consistent, too. Mine always starts out nice, then deteriorates by the second paragraph. Your course sounds fun!


Consistent AND pretty!




decorative. I feel like my handwriting is utilitarian, but it lacks that certain quality that leaves me self-conscious about lettering my own cards, where handwriting would take center stage. My handwriting is an extra, but I wish it were a leading lady.

Alice C.

decorative! Yes! That's such a good word. My current handwriting is neat, but not very decorative/pretty.

terry hendrickson

I wish my handwriting was captivating, prolific, and full of substance. Thanks Gina for prompting me to think about my wish.


consistent [i see i'm not the only one!], & i wish i had a better eye for spacing! :)

Vanessa Rae

Consistent and unique! Thanks for the chance!


i wish my handwriting was pretty and polished

Stephanie H.

I wish my handwriting was more flowy!


I wish my handwriting was more elegant & flowy.

tami lyn

ALL MY LIFE I have envied, wished, hoped, practiced, and wish and hoped some more for straight handwriting. I have come to terms with my style of handwriting. It seems like it will always have a vague feeling of being done by a sixth-grader. I can accept that. But for the love of Pete. Why can't it be straight?


Pretty! I would love a chance to win this!


Consistent and pretty!


Actually, I have beautiful handwriting but I wish I could do calligraphy.

Judy G

Pretty and consistent sized.

Sarah Jay



I wish mine was more straight.


I wish my handwriting was more polished. I feel that I still have hesitancy in my letter forms.


I wish my handwriting was more consistent. I would love your class, I'm sure. :)

Susan from Colorado

I wish my handwriting was more "artsy" and controlled.

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