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Sep 16, 2011


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I really like the grad announcement! It's so unique and really pretty!!!

Susan Budig

Scrolling down all those pieces, I first felt an affinity to the pea pod baby announcement. Then I spied the letter C with all the family names circling it.

But hands-down, I loved the tree at the end commemorating the life of a loved one. All the branches and the trunk looked to be names of the person's family. I want to hire you to do that for my parents (some day!)

Rachael Caruso

So many adorable pieces!!! I love the letter C with the family names around it!


I really like the acorn & leaf one from today (but think all your stuff is amazingly fantastic!), but I think maybe by the wording it's funeral-related and thus it seems a bit weird to say it's my favorite. But I'm bit on leaves and acorns and all things fall!
Happy (nearly) anniversary once again!
Enjoy the weekend!


I couldn't decide between the Not Believing in Santa Claus card and the To Love and Be Loved - but since it's less than 100 days to Xmas, I choose Not Believing in Santa Claus!


I love the Eiffel Tower one. I really love them all!


I love the monogram with the purple flowers and (especially since it is feeling very autumn today) the acorn & leaf (posted today). I love the style of your tiny drawings :)


My favorite is the quote "to love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides". It is one of my all time favorites! (the Eiffel Tower is a close second!)


The lanterns, the dragonflies, and the Eiffel Tower :) I couldn't pick one!


oh so many unique art pieces! my absolute favorite season is fall so the leaf and acorn would win my top choice, but i just about equally love the four names in a circle with the capital letter in the middle. as always i love your work.


i really like your holiday cards! especially the one with the snowflakes. simple and classic.


oh, the eiffel tower is just charming. I love that it's standing on one toe like that.

I also really like the notecard with the C and names around it in a circle. that's cool.


It is so hard to choose loved the Eiffel Tower, flowers and the names around the letter C and the stars.


I'm loving the arrival of fall, so today's acorn and leaf are a favourite, as well as one from earlier in the week with more autumn leaves on it (and a teeny, tiny acorn)

Tara Liddicoat

I love them all! I particularly like this baby announcement: http://richinnerlife.typepad.com/.a/6a00e55207b17d8834015391981a35970b-pi


I love everything too! But I think my favourite is the "Gordon, Stephanie, Grace and Sarah notecard" from Monday. It looks like it's a popular favourite! I love when you incorporate drawings with your lettering - just so gorgeous.


I love the tree of life and also the Eiffel Tower one "I have found the one whom my sou loves". Just incredible. Love. Love. Love.

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