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Feb 07, 2012


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What a great list you have compiled here, Gina. I especially love the opposites you have on it, like big picture and little picture. Lost to think about here.

G is for gullible. I started a poem this way in junior high, not knowing exactly what I was talking about. My mother won't let me forget it. I don't really think I am gullible. Naive, maybe, but not gullible.

Lelainia Lloyd

This list feels familiar to me-I see myself here. These things are super helpful.

My word is hardworking. I've got alot of irons in the fire.


The letter Z ends my maiden name, and when I was a kid I used to hate it because it was the hardest letter to come up with a word when I had to do those name projects for school. As I got older I learned to love it because it was so unique and it became fun writing it, especially in script. It's actually my favorite letter, and ironically, thought it represented my life accurately - with all the zig zags. Eventually it comes to a smooth end, just as my life has. The word I always ended up using to describe myself for Z was zealous... and 'til this day I still think it couldn't be any more true.


That list is amazing. A while back you mentioned "building a bridge" and that advice has really, really changed the way I create. Also, I'm learning that doing *something*, ANYTHING, even when I'm not feeling it is HUGE. Even if it's not wholly successful, it keeps the flow going.

Me? I think I'm... cultivating. A life, my creativity, my garden, my swimming, my tastes... it's just a constant evolution and I'm trying to make it successful and joyful.

Amanda LaPlante

Very encouraging and inspiring!

My letter is m because My word is macaroni because it's my absolute favorite food. It's so reliable.

Paige B

Love the list!

B for bond because we adopted our two kids in November and we have made HUGE strides in the bonding process recently!

Kate S

Such a beautiful project - thanks for sharing all of it, including the list today.

I think I would have to say d for driven. Members of my family might say stubborn, and I would certainly have to admit to some laziness that creeps up on me some days, but mostly I just always have something else I want to accomplish or complete.


Today I would have to choose the letter B for breathe! It's been a hectic morning and I have to remind myself to just breathe! Not just today but ANY TIME life seems so out of control...just BREATHE!


s--- for scattered. that is how i am feeling these days as a mom of a 4.5yr old and one on the way... i love your giveaways and i have always wanted a stamp!


Thank you for the list... definitely things we could all do well to keep in mind! Today, a letter to describe me would be 'p' for pensive.

Thanks for the chance to win one of your wonderful stamps!


T has always been my favourite letter. no idea why...

but a T word to describe me is 'torn.'

Ashley B.

T for trying! Trying to be more patient, trying to be more content, trying to be a better wife, friend, and sister.

My husband and I have just moved to a new city and I'm feeling a little lonely and overwhelmed!

Susan from Colorado

My letter is S and it is for Sixty~Just turned the big 60 yesterday...sigh! I remember my grandmother being 60 and I thought she was older than dirt...now I'm surprised to find out I had judged her too harshly and it is still young...at least I still feel young :)


O for Overwhelmed right now. I'm working on a huge project at work on top of trying to do my regular work - the combination is not working at all! So, I'm feeling very overwhelmed (and will until April 2013 when it is completed). Sigh.


A for always. It's my favorite word at the moment, and I'm working towards being more of an "always" person, instead of a 'sometimes', 'maybe', or 'kinda' person.


Thank you for this wonderful list! I truly appreciate your willingness to share these thoughts and insights - they're so inspiring!

My word would have to be "clever" - to me, it represents being resourceful in unexpected ways - I've had to be that way a lot recently...

Sarah S.

S is for sassy! :)


B is for blessed- I have so much to be thankful for, and often, I don't take time to be thankful. A free country, and wonderful family, a warm home, and lots of fun things to do......


B for Be. I am trying relax and be in the moment.


What a inspirational list! I'm going with e: emotional. I tend to put my emotions in to what I do - which can be a strength and a weakness. :)


What a great list. I keep saying I'm struggling to find time to work on my creative projects, but really I'm finding it hard to just START.

Liminal is my very favorite word. It means lying between defined areas without belonging to either of them, or at a point where one perception or condition blends or crosses over into another.

I think of bridges, change, dusk or dawn, or how time sometimes stops when you're painting or reading or loving.


D for distracted. I'm working on making my life more of an F for focused :-) (i have a hard time focusing on what i want to do for me and not what everyone else wants or needs me to do for them ;-))
i like your list - i may write it out for myself, frame it and put it in a prominent place

Shana Stoll

"a cousin to Muriel" . . . love that! Muriel was my grandma's name. so, I'd have to go with C for "controlled chaos", which is what my life and my home is . . . except, you know, when it gets OUT OF control! Ah, life with 6 kids! Thanks for the giveaway. Would LOVE to win the adorable Amery address stamp!
Have a fabulous day!


B for Breakthrough...I'm expecting, anticipating for breakthroughs in every area of my life.
Love your list.


M for Mama. It's what I am and what I'm loving right now.

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