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Apr 17, 2012


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I pinned a copy of your "K" page from your A-Z project. LOVE that and will most definitely create something like that someday, with my own little twist...


These are beautiful! I pinned these cards. The link is http://pinterest.com/pin/26317979042624362/
I don't know how to make that a link, but hopefully you can copy and paste in your browser. Thanks!


Those are lovely cards, Gina. Thanks for the chance to win a pack!


You are on my awesomeness board. :-)

Jennifer Hill

Beautiful cards! I pinned a copy of your "N" page from the A to Z project. Thanks! http://pinterest.com/pin/61009769922241806/

Michael Nelson

Oops...forgot to post here.

I love these cards and pinned them here:


Thanks for the chance!!!


I repinned the stamp I bought from you to address my wedding invitations :)



Okie doke, I pinned those ADORABLE cards and I did I ever tell you that my daugher, Rebekah (who is 11) has a best friend, Evelyn, who has had a heart transplant (when she was 3). She's like the 7th kid in our family. She's here all the time and we love her. We joke that she's going to marry Joe, because ever since he was born (he's only 7) they have fought like you wouldn't believe. Anyway, Ev goes to Camp Odayin each summer and LOVES it there. Thanks so much for your part in helping it be such a great place for kiddos like Ev. My kids go to camp at Trout Lake Camp, which happens to be right across the lake from Camp Odayin. Ok, enough randomness for today. Thanks!
Have a good one!

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