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May 16, 2012


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Brenda Marks

I'm really proud of recent weight loss. This morning I saw that I've lost 20 pounds in the last 7 weeks! I'd also be proud if I could letter like you. : )


One thing I've been most proud of is that I ran a half marathon recently and had one of the bestest races in my life (no pain, no cramps, no nothing - I could have gone farther than 13.1 miles). Proudest moment for myself!


I am super proud of moving into my first office outside the home for my business!!!


I'm very proud of my recent acceptance into graduate school! I'm the first person in my family (and even extended family) to get a Master's :)


oh my goodness... what a fabulous giveaway! i have one of your quotes & i look at it every day :) i love it!

i am really proud of the way my 4 year old son eats. my hubs and i struggle with our weight and i was determined to help him learn to eat well-balanced and in moderation. so far, so good! :)

Elizabeth Anderson

WHAT A GREAT GIVE-AWAY !! I am very proud of my boys and also that I am becoming better at using restorative yoga, knitting and reading as ways to wind down-to take more time for me - at least a little every day!


I am proud of the fact that I taught my two boys to read - yes!! I can't tell you how wonderful it is to know that by teaching them to read, I opened the world to them!! I could have left it for someone else to teach, but I wanted to be the one! It feels good...now I hope to have a part in teaching them to love others well!! Love your work!!


My husband and I celebrate 25 years of marriage this August. I am proud of the person I've become while married to him. I've been challenged to break free of the dysfunctional patterns of my childhood, and although I still have some discovery to do and more tweaking, I can't look back and say that I ignored the call to change. LOVE your quotes Gina!


I'm really proud that I'm making a difference in the lives of some second graders in a local school. I go in to read to them every week or two, and I try to demonstrate and share my love of books and reading. And some of the kids have really taken a shine to reading and are so happy to tell me they "read another chapter" on their own!!!


i'm proud of working in the non-profit world even though i don't make the big bucks. i'm happy to be part of an organization that's helping people.


I'm proud that I'm a good organizer. Helps out so much at work and at home.

Donna Livingston

I'm proud that I learned how to knit socks again.


i'm proud that i get to be home with my babies.


I have won a giveaway before so you can exclude me from the drawing but I'm proud of the way I bit my tongue this past weekend!

Christina D

I'm really proud that I can run 7 miles. A year ago, I couldn't run a single lap around the gym parking lot.


I'm really proud of my ability to love unconditionally and to forgive others!


I have participated in the Susan G. Komen 3 Day (60 mile walk) 7 times - 3x as a walker and 4x as a crew member. It's the hardest and most amazing thing I've done ... and I'll be walking again this year!


I am incredibly proud of my children - always am, always will be!


I am proud of myself for my ability to overcome the health issues I have had in my life. I typically brush it off - but deep down, I am proud at the strength I have shown to overcome it all.


I'm going to risk being shallow in comparison with the many wonderful/prideful things other folks have mentioned. I am proud of myself for still owning and driving (and learning to work on) my first car — a gold 1959 MGA Coupe. Her name is Eliza Doolittle, and I bought her when I was twenty-one and she was twenty-four; she's fifty-three this year and we are celebrating our 29th year together. I call her my "Rolling Rorschach" because everyone who stops to talk to me about her sees something different — and they tell me wonderful stories about themselves that I never would have heard otherwise. Couples tell me about being married in 1959 and their lives together since then; women tell me about their summer romances in the 60’s with boyfriends who drove MGs; and older gentlemen tell me about seeing MGs when they were in Europe as young men. Kids walking by tell me “I love your car!” and I say, “What do you love?” and a brilliant conversation ensues. I could write a book. She is my object of bright pride and allows me to connect with the most fascinating people every day, who would normally never open up to a stranger. That, I am very proud (and in awe) of.


I am proud that I have become conversational in the Portuguese language after living in Portugal for the last year and a half! :)

Cheryl Jaeger

I am proud that I continue to remain patient and calm these last few days of school.

Bethany Davis

I'm proud of my listening skills. I feel like many of my friends and family members like to talk things through with me, and I love that they feel like I'm a good listener. :)

Barbara Sekelsky

I am proud of my daughter Sara who was "pinned" at her CNA ceremony this morning. Way to go!

Abby K

I ran my first full marathon on my 29th birthday and it was my last birthday as a single gal! Lots of milestones and I am very proud of myself!

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