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May 18, 2012


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Elizabeth Anderson

I would give this WONDERFUL present to a good knitting friend of mine..........what a great gift! Thanks for the fun giveaway possibilities all week -


Susanne Hodge

I would absolutely use it for myself! Thanks for these contests and congratulations on reaching such an amazing milestone!


Now that we're finally in the home we hope to be in for good...I'd get one with our current address! Have a great summer, Gina!


Definitely for me! I had one of these for our previous home, and I miss it!

Christina D

We are moving into a new house next week, so winning a new address stamp would be PERFECT!!


I have been lusting after one of these for some time, so I would totally savor it for myself. Thanks for all of the great giveaways!

Alyce Burleson

I would use it for myself, not to be selfish, but we are moving to Germany in the fall, and what a great way to let people know or new address!
Plus, I have one of your self inking stamps already, and have received NUMEROUS compliments!

Jennifer C.

I would personalize this as a gift to my daughter! :)


I have one of your stamps already, so I think I'd have to give this one to a friend... however it would be terribly tempting to get an alternate design instead! :) Thanks!!


I would use it for me as I love sending people cards and love the variety of fonts for my return addresses. Love sending cards for random reasons and no reason at all!


well ... we are hopefully going to be moving in to a new home this year (waiting for final financing approval, hopefully today!) so I would love to put a NEW ADDRESS on it. :)


I would keep it for myself. A personalized address stamp would be SO fun and save me TONS of labels!
Thanks so much and have a great weekend!
(Stay cool today),

Liz Couchman

I would use this personalized stamp on my business supplies for Stella & Dot!


I'm trying to spend less time on the computer and more time interacting with those that matter to me by other means of communication. Perhaps one of these stamps would get me to write more letters!

Anne-Marie Wagener

I'm getting so tired of always receiving only junk mail in my mailbox and realize that to get 'real' mail I need to start off my self! So, I'd use the personalized stamp to start off my new letter writing, card-sending, project.

Bethany Davis

I would keep it and use it myself! I love these stamps so much!

Ashley B.

My best friend just bought a new house and I would live to gift this as a housewarming gift!

Kate Wilson

This is the product of yours that I have been dying for! We just moved into our first house and I'd LOVE to have an address stamp! Though after buying a house my wallet is pretty empty! I adore Emerson!!


How about 1 of each??? (JK) I said, THAT one, no THAT one, no THAT one.

Neighbor Julie

Use to mark my kids supplies


Savor it for myself :)

MoniQ in WI

I would keep it and LOVE using it! We have moved a lot....for awhile there it was every 3 years. We've now been in this house more than 7 years, which is a record for us. I feel permanent enough to have a stamp with this address on it!

amanda {the habit of being}

i'd be utterly and unabashedly selfish and use it myself ;-)

Renee CW

I have wanted one of these stamps for SO long, and I would use it on our family's Christmas mailings and baby announcements!!


I have way too many of those freebie address labels you get in the mail that show my maiden name. I'm tired of crossing out/white-ing out/hyphenating to add on my married name! It would be nice to have a pretty address stamp with OUR FAMILY name on it. It would definitely encourage me to write more letters and thank you notes. :)

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