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Sep 20, 2012


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NOT about home! It's more about being at home with yourself and your own habits, how to effictively use time, etc. I wish she hadn't named it that, it's very misleading - it's really just Happiness Project, part 2. She says early on in the book it's more of a personal version of the Happiness Project. I loved it, maybe more than the first.

Jamie V

Happy to find your blog - not sure how I got here but that's the beauty of blogland! I love your projects and excited that you have an awesome new studio. Very nice. Looking forward to visiting again! Jamie V in MT


I think it's a deeper version of the original happiness project. It doesn't seem to have as many suggestions for the reader to follow along but is much more interesting in terms of giving more detail about her own life and struggles. In the last book, I felt like she was kind of aloof, but in this one she seems much more human and interesting.

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