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Jan 04, 2013


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Elizabeth Anderson

I love your blog......I don't think you need to change a thing - it's fun to read about what is going on in your life and business


I love when you post pictures of the finished projects you've done. And ... because you do that, I felt I could ask if you would commission a piece for me. Posting pictures of finished products allows me to see what you are capable of and how you are willing to use your gifts and talents to create unique art. For example, I absolutely adored the Christmas cards you did, (Especially Card One) but, until you posted the pictures, it never crossed my mind that you could/would take on a project like that. Seeing your projects allows me to see that your abilities are limitless.

I am also a fan of quotes and adore when you post them, especially ones I'm not familiar with.

In the end, I agree with Elizabeth. I love your blog, and I don't know that you need to change a thing -- you just need to keep doing what you do!

Happy New Year!

Lorna Sison

I first came across your blog after buying my first name stamp from your etsy shop last summer. You shop is a teachers dream :). I really wouldn't change your blog... it's the perfect combination of everything really! I have your blog bookmarked but tweeting updates about it is great too!!!


I love seeing your completed projects, they are really inspiring!
I'm with Destiny. I LOVED your Christmas cards, but had no idea that was an option.


I found your blog through Etsy. I LOVE your store and am yearning for a name stamp. Just trying to decide on a font before my wife and I pull the trigger. I like whimsy and fun; she likes block letters and boring. I love seeing your completed projects.


I love seeing different things you've been working on. I hope I can have you make my Christmas cards some year!


I found your blog this year and first subscribed to see the handlettering you do. I've enjoyed your posts recently about your memory keeping, but mostly my focus is on the inspiration of the words and lettering you do. It's just so pretty! Thank you for sharing with us.

Ashley O.

I first found you from etsy. I saw your items on etsy years ago, then saw you had a blog. The giveaways are amazing, and I wouldnt change a thing on your blog- it's you, it's wonderful


I already purchased the quote of the month so don't worry about entering me. But I did want to leave a short note to encourage you. The thing I love most about your blog is that you combine beautiful art with inspiring words. And it's not cheesy. Sometimes inspirational quotes can be over the top and come with cute cat/kid pics... which is fine, but I find that your work is very meaningful and always resonates with me. I love having things in love that resonate which is why I'm subscribed. Keep it up. You rock.


I started following your blog because I was interested in taking your online handwriting class and was waiting for info. I like seeing the quotes and projects you do for customers.


I am not sure what drew me here originally but your beautiful quotes and handwriting definitely keeps me from leaving. :) Happy New Year to you!


Quotes and your penmanship keeping me coming back


I found your site because I saw The Skirt on another site. I had to bookmark your site because I'm a teacher and I love writing and all things to do with it. I love all the variety that you post. Why not even add recipes too? It would be great if you posted more often because it's great reading your posts.


I love inspirational quotes and typography....your blog is a marriage in heaven!

Mary Yazvec

I love your blog, I look forward to reading it each Friday. My first thing I bought was an address stamp, along with some quotes I display in my classroom. Keep it up...love your creativity!

Megan C

I just love all the different topics you cover. I ordered one of the year quote calenders for myself this year and have it on my vanity so i can see it everyday. I loved how at the end of the month or year i'll be able to frame or scrapbook the quote.


I would like to know more about your day-to-day creative life. What does your work day look like? How do you use your creative time? Do you have any tips for those of us looking to really get serious about the creative process in 2013? I am SUPER interested in people's day-to-day schedules, for some reason.


I love looking at your blog because you present beautiful and meaningful things that inspire me. The quotes and handprinted work you do are inspiring both because of the quotes you choose and because your artwork is beautiful. Although I'm not a seamstress, I still like to see what you're up to--we all have something we are passionate about creating, and seeing what someone else is up to fuels that passion for my own creations. If you had a website, I'd probably visit that too, but I like your personal thoughts and questions you add to your blog posts. Hope that helps.

joanne h.

i found your blog through your etsy shop, but i am most inspired by the quotes you list and love seeing your handwriting. i am also grateful when you post about new products in your etsy shop. i love my address stamp that you made for me through your shop a year or so ago and someday would love to get another one. keep up the great work !!


I also found your blog through your etsy shop. I LOVE your work and your handwriting. I enjoy seeing your projects (the Christmas cards as everyone else has already mentioned were really great!) as well as the other bits going on in your life, such as the hand sewing you talked about a while ago. Thanks for the inspiration!

rachel a.

I first came to your blog because of The Skirt (but now I can't remember how I found That post...must have been a link from another blog I follow...) and stayed because it keeps me inspired, both the sewing and the lettering. Some people have mentioned the photos of the finished project, but I have also enjoyed photos of the process, particularly with the sewing projects.


I am here for the combination of your beautiful handwriting and the inspiration you give. The two together always give me a boost! =)

Linda Fuller

There are so many reasons why I would love to receive your gifting this month! I love the art you create and appreciate the words of wisdom you showcase!

Should you update your copyright?!


I love most everything about your blog. But I especially LOVED your A to Z project and would love to see more of that or something similar.


I love your blog and the quirkiness that is uniquely you! I think it is lovely, as are you. Keep it up!

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