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Jan 30, 2013


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A goal I'm working on will take all year. So I wrote it down and wrapped it in a small jewelry size box. I haven't told them, but it's a goal I'm working on with my daughters in mind because they are the only two peeps I love wholeheartedly enough to work for. I'll give it to them at Christmas time, probably Christmas Eve when it's just us. Guess that's not very inspirational since I haven't shared what it is, but the box is sitting on my nightstand with a red ribbon around it. I stumble upon it every day or so, and it helps me remember there is a big goal in there that is going to take my effort all year.


There are just a few 'handwritten' places I visit often; here and elvie studio (http://elviestudio.blogspot.com), her Walls Notebook is fun to look thru...(http://elviestudio.blogspot.com/search/label/walls%20notebook)

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