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May 16, 2013


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The book "Just a Minute" by Wess Stafford is what I'm giving to our teachers this year. It's a great one about the impact you can have on the life of a child. I highly recommend it! Great read.

Patsy Spencer

A bundle of greeting cards that I've made myself, along with a pen & stamps. Tied up with a cute ribbon, the gift is personal, unique, useful, and will be remembered by the teacher & the recipient of every hand-written letter they send. Nothing like making a memory - or making someone's day.


It's not creative, but heavens knows I love getting them: gift cards. To Sbux or Target or itunes or something of the sort.

Emily bent

Teachers sacrifice so much of their time for their class because their brains never turn off! Even in their sleepy moments or in the shower they are getting good ideas for a lesson! Teachers give their lives to make a lesson come to life to each individual child or teen! Any gift that gives teacher just a few seconds back, is a worthy gift! A clever time rewarding gift is a grading papers survival kit: sticky notes, red pen, pencil, hand written name stamp, chocolate candies, coffee gift certificate and a dinner gift certificate (because that gives them a break!).


i think something personalized is always fun-- especially a stamp or something they could use on a regular basis. otherwise, i like the idea of something indulgent that someone might not buy themselves-- especially on a teacher's salary!


We always do personalized gifts, I think it just adds that special touch to let their teachers know how much we appreciate them. I actually ordered the book stamp from you a couple weeks ago and gave it to my daughters 1st grade teacher along with the book "Hooray for Diffendoofer Day" by Dr Suess, its an AWESOME book to give to an inspirational teacher!


As a teacher, I greatly appreciate a simple and genuine thank you note from the student.

One of my favorite gifts from a student was a bouquet of flowers the last week of school. The flowers brightened my classroom for the very busy last week of school.

Randi S

Our school encouraged parents NOT to give gifts, as not every family can afford to purchase a gift. But a note from the family to the teacher is one way to provide appreciation and feedback to teachers. They need that encouragement just as much as the students do!


I am a teacher too and I love getting anything from my students. Anything personalized, such as cards or stamps, would be very much appreciated. I send notes out all the time and things like that would get a lot of use. Plus, when it's something you get to use a lot, you think about that kind student (and parents) who gave it to you. Gift cards are also among the best gifts to give teachers as well. :)

Krista's Paper Cafe

I like to give my teachers something that is just for them. Something they do not share with their family. I am still working on that. However, one day next week I am going to bring them a mug and the ingredients so that they can take a few minute break to make themselves a Muffin in a Mug. You microwave it in one minute!


If I were a teacher I think I would like a gift certificate to Barnes & Noble or Amazon! I just love books and can't get enough, and I figure teachers love learning as much as teaching or so it would seem so I thought you just can't lose with a gift that let's them pick! It may not seem very original, but I figured that's what I would like!


I like to give something useful like a pen and a notebook. Otherwise there is a chocolate overload!


My favorite gifts are appreciative letters or thoughtful baked goods!!

tammy b

teacher here too, and really it's the notes the kids give - especially if they are older and tell you how much of an impact you've made, or how they'll never forget learning x, y or z from you :sob: - that i love the most. that said, lol, my three girls gave each of their teachers a hydrangea plant with handwritten notes saying 'thank you for helping us grow'


At Christmas, we usually give travel mugs with our homemade cocoa mix and biscotti. At the end of the year, bookmarks (made by my kids) and gift cards to a bookstore.


I give gift cards a lot but also personalized notecards or monogrammed Tervis tumblers or water bottles.


We do movie tickets or a gift card to the local teacher supply. I had many gifts over the years the kids were so excited to give me, but that I could never use. I try to do things that are disposable yet fun (tickets) or will help with costs for the classroom. And good chocolate is always nice... :D

Sarah L. (The Tech Teacher)

I'm a computer teacher for k-7 and I love one my students are creative and find me something unique, like a stamp that looks like an ampersand or a card that looks like a keyboard. I absolutely love when they even try to incorporate my LOVE OF DOGS with computers! (Soo cute)!

I gotta say, the best give is amazon.com gift card. My students know how often I am on there buying techie things!

Angry Birds USB, Portable Scanner...etc...

Mandy Walker

I love giving my favorite books...David Sedaris, Sylvia Plath, etc, :)


Honestly? I asked one of my daughter's teachers point-blank what would be the best gift for her and the other teachers, and she said a gift card. I was more than happy to comply. I know that sounds so cheesy, but after serving on the board of the school I know that they don't make as much as they deserve, and I'd like them to go out and get something they really want as opposed to something *I'd* really want if I were a teacher!

(ad I agree with the good chocolate comment!)


At the end of the school year we like to give a garden themed gift with a gift card to the local greenhouse or flower shop and a "Thanks for helping me grow" note.

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