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May 27, 2008


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I had the privilege of leading an elementary school literature circle with one of my favorite childhood books, Tuck Everlasting. I refuse to see the movie because the book is so magical for me. The figurative language, rich characters, and a touch of the fantastic keep me mesmerized, at any age.
A non-fiction work that I reach for from time to time is Anne Lamott's Traveling Mercies: Some Thoughts on Faith.

The blog looks terrific, Gina!


I've known all along you're a soul sister, Dar. Love Traveling Mercies, love Tuck Everlasting. I bet we could both make lists of the movies we'll never see. Thanks so much for checking out my blog!


I am a big Nicholas Sparks fan. Most of his books are the same, a great love story that either turns out happy or sad. But, one of my favorites of his is 'The Notebook'. I did see the movie and it was good too. But, the movie just pulls at so many different emotions. I know I can always enjoy one of his books on vacation. Since now all I have time to read is 'Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child'. How life changes with kids!

I enjoy your blog everyday...thanks Gina!


My reading time now is mostly allocated to reading to my five year old. My current re-reads include the Laura Ingalls Wilder books (which my boy loves). I'm looking forward to rereading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

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