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Aug 16, 2010


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We just did a beach vacation where I didn't have internet. It was very weird. The only think I wished I could do was blog, but only because I knew there would be so much to blog when I got home, and I like to keep up. :) I tried to "be in the moment" on this trip. I took my book basket and read a couple of books, but mostly I enjoyed our time on the beach by watching my kids play, or just sitting next to my husband and engaging in small talk. I'm now home and overwhelmed. Back to the house with the water leak damage. Waiting for the flooring to come in and having my office scattered throughout the house. I can hardly stand it. I'm trying to stay in the "one bite at a time" mind frame, otherwise I will get overwhelmed and shut down. I have been thinking a lot about how to go about life. I'm ready with some goals and a new mind frame for the fall. I need to be more of a "doer". I'm a great planner and dreamer, but I miss the connection that I'm the one who makes those plans and dreams happen. That's why I don't get a ton done. I think I am finally at a place where I see that I need to be an active participant in my life. My blog would show that we do tons of things, and I do. With my kids. But for myself? I dream and plan a lot, and then forget the plan of action and implementation process. That will be my goal in the coming weeks. I have purchased some cute little composition books that I plan to use as my idea journals, and I intend to write not only my goals, but how I can accomplish them. We'll see how it goes. :D

Lisa S.

Just finished listening to "Holes". Funny! LS

Michael Nelson

Hi Gina!

Oh my goodness -- talk about a rich inner life -- your writing and art are more amazing than ever. I needed to read this post this morning, thank you. I'm headed to t-ball and then softball and preparing for a museum job and a few creative deadline projects and trying to breathe. You make it all seem, almost sacred, if that makes sense. And your points about goals and choosing and taking time at night, very inspirational and helpful. I look forward to reading and learning more!
(ms.) Michael :-)

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