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Jun 30, 2011


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Hear, hear! Great post!

And thanks for the link. : )


My kids and I constantly have an audio book going in the car and have done so since the oldest was 4 (he'll be 12 in 2 weeks). I think this is the single biggest thing I did to make them love to read. It helps them with their fluency and vocabulary and helps them find books they enjoy so they can pick others like them.


I would also add that the Rebecca Caudill and Bluestem Award nomination lists have some good choices for younger readers. The Newberry Award books are always great, but their content is often for the older end of the age range in my opinion.


I love reading aloud so much. I'm lucky my brothers let me read to them, even though they're practically grown up. it's good practice for me, so hopefully I'll stick with it when I have my own family.


I agree with Stephanie. Great post!


Hello! i'm 20, and i have been reading aloud with my family since i was a little girl. It's mostly just my mom and I, but my dad also joins in when we are reading Harry Potter again because he loves those books just as much as we do. I remember in 2nd grade I really struggled with reading, but with the help of a great teacher and my mom's consistence in making me read aloud every.single.night (oh how i hated that!) I figured it out and have loved to read ever since. My boyfriend and i even read aloud to each other now, and i now that when i have a family of my own it's a tradition that i want to continue!

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