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Jun 10, 2013


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joanne h.

i have always enjoyed reading any ideas or helpful tips about handwriting, spacing, etc. i remember a time where you posted about what brand of pen you used most for your projects. whenever you have posted anything to do with handwriting, i probably read it through 5 times. i love to scrapbook, but am not a big fan of my own handwriting, but would like to do more of this on my pages because it would seem more personal. best wishes to you.


the whole series on your creative manifesto was neat.
the dedication in writing all that down and reaffirming the things that are important to you and your process was encouraging, I remember.

Michael Nelson

I'm gaga for lettering, book comments from you and quotations ~ and all things "Gina"! :-)


Love your quotations!

Randi S

My favorite part was the A to Z series. I would like to do such a project for myself, but your project also inspired me to use my daily journal. Thanks!


Your heart word cloud was such an inspiring piece of art. I love showing ours to our guests. Love looking at your scrapbook posts too - lots of neat ideas! Excited to read your new blog!


I don't know what brought me here to your blog originally because I've been around too long to remember but I do know that your posts since then are the reasons I stick around! :)

Kacee Kludt

I love your quotes. :-)


I am really interested in your Alabama Chanin inspired work... and I enjoyed the Love Scarf especially. I also remember you made a messenger bag with fabric from Spoonflower. The idea of using writing to design fabric is really neat.


I found you through a quest for fellow Alabama Chanin admirers, so I have always loved to see your work that was inspired by her. And from that quest, I am now a "lettergirl" admirer! I have had on my inspirational 'to-do' list (is that an oxymoron...to have a 'to-do' list for inspiration? :) ) something like your A-Z book (http://richinnerlife.typepad.com/dreamland/a-to-z/). I think it should have a place in the new blog. Also, I have loved following you on pinterest, so make sure that button is prominent! PS: you may have posted about this before, but what are your favorite markers for embellishing your hand lettering? In many photos I have seen markers/pens with colored caps and black...trunks? bodies? whatever you call the rest of the pen! thanks!


I love all your scrapbook posts- http://richinnerlife.typepad.com/dreamland/scrapbooks/

You were the one who totally transformed scrapbooking for me, and it changed my life (no- really, it did! Now I have eight completed books full of photos and stories of the last few years. Thank you for that!)


I love "Five Ways to Improve your Handwriting". It's something I go back to and read every so often, so I would be happy if you take that with you when you go. And I had a compliment on my writing from the man in the Post Office today, so your tips must be working!


What brought me back was Love your letters and 5 was to improve your handwritting.


I loved this post with the photo-mats. A very creative idea. One I would like to try myself one day.



Love your quotes one of my favorites. Also enjoyed when you showed your scrapbooks and how you do it. Also like to see your finished or projects you are working on.


I love the book recommendation posts - the comments are as useful as the post!

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